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Your electrical home renovation needs – a room by room list

12 February 2017

Renovating can be a tricky business.

Don’t let ‘The Block’ fool you.

First of all – you have a day job.

Sadly, nobody is giving you a free car and a bunch of Reece Plumbing and Freedom Furniture store vouchers.

And try as you might, Scott Cam isn’t dropping around to your place to share a laugh, a cold stubby and a few wise pointers on your cornicing finishes.

In reality, renovations are mostly long and hard work. 

There are a million different people to deal with, and seemingly endless budgeting and planning to manage. From buying power tools to applying for council inspections – you’re going to have a lot on your plate. 

We want to make your renovation that little bit easier, so we’ve thrown together a few tips to help you with your lighting and electrical decisions.
Without expert knowledge, the electrical aspects of a home reno can seem intimidating. But don’t fret – we’ll break down your electrical needs room-by-room, so you know exactly what you need from your electrician. You don’t want to be left in the dark!


#1. Living Room Electrical and Lighting


The living room is by far the most used room in the house, and we reckon it’s the most important. This is where memories will be created for years to come. You’ll spend the most of your time here, so you need to get the lighting right.

In the living room, you’ll need multiple power points to keep your TV and tech goods running. Lighting is crucial in your living room, and there are many different options that could work for you depending on your home’s size, design, style, and location.  To read more about what lighting is best suited to your living room, make sure you check out our article on which lights work best in different kinds of rooms.

Temperature regulation is another important consideration for any living room. If your electrician holds a refrigeration license, you can ask them to install a split air-conditioning system in your living room.

Air-con can be expensive, but ceiling fans are a great, low-cost alternative to circulate air in the house. If you’re in a cooler part of the world, it might make sense to save in this area so you can dedicate more budget to other areas of your reno.

A ceiling fan doesn’t have to be a step down in style. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few guides to help you find a contemporary fan that enhances your living room design.

#2. Kitchen Electrical and Lighting


Your kitchen is an electricity hub, and you want to be able to access power whenever and wherever you need it.

When you plan your kitchen design – make sure you consider your outlets. So many appliances need power points, and you’ll also need effective lighting for safety as well as aesthetics.

Smoke detectors are a necessity in any kitchen, and a range hood or exhaust fan will help you maintain proper ventilation in the area.


#3. Bathroom Electrical and Lighting


Your bathrooms are filled with tricky electrical decisions. These spaces can feel cramped without smart lighting choices. Bright lighting is best, but you might want to incorporate dimmers to allow you to change the mood of the room when required.

Power points need strategic placement, and just like the kitchen – you need to plan ahead. Position a few around your vanity for easy access to small electrical appliances.

Lighting is always a focal point for bedroom reno’s, and you’ll have to consider fans or a small air con unit, depending on your budget. Science has proven that sleeping in a cooler room is better for you, so give it some thought.

You’ll need multiple power outlets for bedside lighting, TVs (if you have one in the bedroom), and your phone charger. There’s nothing worse than tripping over a power board every time you get out of bed.

Consider how many appliances you use in the bedroom and plan your needs in advance.


#4. Laundry Electrical and Lighting


Your laundry needs plenty of power points for your washing machine, your dryer, and any other extra electrical items you use for regular cleaning (think vacuum cleaners and steam mops).

Take extreme caution whenever you work with electrical renovations in your laundry. You must keep in mind basic safety procedures for electrical wiring in areas where there is water (this guide from Worksafe Queensland provides a good base). There are a few jobs you should leave to the experts, and if in you’re in any doubt about your electrical home renovations, call a professional electrician.


#5. Outdoor Space Electrical and Lighting


Electrical needs in an outdoor space vary depending on the size of the space. Outdoor garden lighting is important for entertaining and creating atmosphere. If you have room to entertain, power points are a must. If you love having friends around, you may need power points for heating, fridges or other small electrical appliances like a blender for those frozen margaritas or a sound system. If you’re not too keen on adding an external outlet for the sake of music, check out these portable Bluetooth speakers. Some electricians can install a permanent gas outlet for you if you want an LPG BBQ.

If you’d like some more detailed info, you can read more about how to save some cash on your electricity and home renovations on the GKT blog.


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