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Wireless home security systems: 4 advantages & disadvantages

15 October 2018

There’s nothing worse than going on holidays and spending your time off worrying about your house.

Are the dogs getting fed?

Did your husband lock the door on his way out?

What if someone breaks in and steals everything?!

You can protect your house and your belongings by installing a home security system. There are tonnes of options available on the market, but the real question is – do you need wireless or wired home security?

In the digital age, it’s natural instinct to want the wireless option. It’s simple to set up, it’s smartphone compatible, and you can pick a wireless security system up from your local JB HI FI store!

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to wireless home security systems that you need to consider. We want to make buying a security system simple, so we’ve come up with four advantages and four disadvantages of wireless home security systems so you can make an informed decision.

Advantage #1: Quick to setup

One of the major advantages of wireless home security systems is the set-up time. Most wireless security systems come in a ready-made package from stores like JB HI FI, Bing Lee, and Harvey Norman.

Just add some batteries and place the cameras in a strategic place. Wireless cameras take about ten minutes to set up and bypass the risks involved with wired systems.

Advantage #2: Cost effective

Depending on the type of security system you’re looking for, wireless home security systems are far more cost effective than wired ones. For example, when searching for wireless systems online, you’ll find the average cost of wireless cameras ranges from around $50.00 to $1,600.00.

For top of the range cameras ($1,600.00), Device Deal sells the Arlo Pro 2 Smart Security System with 5 HD Cameras which record in 1080p HD. This system also sends instant notifications to your smartphone or email when motion has been picked up on your property.

At the bottom end of the scale ($49.99), you can pick up a wireless security system complete with 980p HD vision and WIFI connection on eBay.

The price range for wireless security is broad but there are affordable options on the market for homeowners seeking a cheaper solution.

Advantage #3: Remotely accessible

Many wireless home security systems have remote accessibility, meaning you can arm or disarm your alarms from a distance, or even view what’s going on at your property when you’re away from home via your smartphone.

For example, the Swann 4 Channel 1TB DVR with 4 x PRO-1080MSB Thermal Motion Sensing HD Cameras have a HomeSafe View app that allows you to see what’s going on in your home in clear 1080 HD.

With 4 channels and a 1TB hard drive, you can press “record” and catch home invaders in the act which comes in handy if you need to provide security footage to the police.

Advantage #4: Easily removed

Moving house or upgrading to a fancy new security system?

With a wireless home security system, you can simply take down your cameras and pack them away into a box for later use. There are no complicated wires to unhook and no potential for getting zapped in the process.

Wireless security is flexible to set up and remove, making them ideal for people who rent or who plan to move house in the future.

Disadvantage #1: Vulnerable to interference

If you have a wireless home security system, you’re going to want to hide them very well from potential home invaders. Due to their wireless nature, wireless security systems are easily tampered with during a home invasion, or can be hacked beforehand to stop you from seeing what’s really going on when you’re away.

Disadvantage #2: Battery operated

A major disadvantage of owning a wireless home security system is their battery operated nature. While this is better for the environment and your electricity bill, battery operated systems are prone to being forgotten. You’re likely to forget to about changing the batteries over time and this puts your family at risk.

If you decide to go with a battery operated security system, make sure to note down in your calendar when it’s time to change the batteries next.

You’re going to need to check on them. A lot.

Disadvantage #3: Limited vision and distance

Wireless home security systems often come in 980 – 1080p HD. However, there are limitations to this scope of vision and it’s worth knowing what you’re not seeing.

Wireless cameras and motion detectors have an open-air range of up to 500 feet, meaning these systems are better for small to medium sized homes. In and around larger properties, there are most going to be sensor limitations, meaning undesirables could sneak around the scope of vision.

Wired home security systems, on the other hand, can handle more sensors than wireless systems. They can span between multiple buildings on one property no problem and are often preferred by business owners for their reliability.

Disadvantage #4: Known to fail

Wireless security systems rely on sensors that communicate through radio frequencies and sometimes even WIFI to reach smartphones or tablets.

Wired security systems outperform wireless systems because they don’t need these unreliable frequencies to operate. As long as the wiring isn’t damaged, or the phone line hasn’t been snipped, wired monitoring systems are less likely to fail than wireless models.

Always talk to an experienced electrician about which security system is right for your home

All homes are different.

Whether it’s the layout, location, wiring or even just the size of the house, your home is completely unique from your neighbour, which is why we recommend talking to an experienced electrician before buying a wireless security system.

Wireless home security systems are perfect for small to medium sized homes, but larger houses need more coverage from a reliable, consistent security system.

An electrician can inspect your home and provide insights about which security system is right for you, plus the best possible positioning for cameras to keep your home completely covered.

Talk to the team from GKT Group about security for your home. We offer home alarm systems, home monitoring, home CCTV and security system maintenance, ensuring your home feels as safe as possible.

Check out our home security systems now and contact GKT Group on 1300 766 324. We’d be happy to discuss your wireless needs.

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