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What to look for when getting an electrician quote

19 December 2016

What to look for when getting an electrician quote

When it comes to assessing quotes for electrical work, first glances can be deceiving. What appears to be the cheapest quote can quickly blow out if it doesn’t satisfactorily address the specifications of your job, and poor attention to detail in the quote document could be an indication of an inexperienced or lazy operator.

Here are some key criteria you should use when assessing electrician quotes:

A valid licence

All electricians are required by law to hold a valid licence in order to carry out any electrical work, no matter how minor. Before accepting any quote, it’s vital to conduct a licence check. If you’re in NSW, visit the online public register to check the status of your electrician’s licence.

Proper insurance

Your electrician should have the proper insurance and liability cover in place, and provide proof of this in the quote document. Don’t hire an uninsured electrician – without the appropriate insurance, any unforeseen damage or accidents that occur may have to be paid for out of your pocket.

Qualifications and certifications

It’s also important to ensure the electrician you select is appropriately qualified and certified to carry out the work in the area of expertise you require. And ask about any subcontractors they intend to use on your project – they should also be appropriately qualified and licensed.

Job specifications

Does the quote address all of the specifications of your job? If not, you may be hit with unexpected expenses. Rather than automatically opting for the cheapest quote, carefully assess each quote to ensure it clearly sets out how the electrician intends to meet your criteria. The more detailed the quote, the better.

Relevant Australian standards

Several Australian standards are in place to govern the quality of a range of electrical works. Your electrician should identify the relevant standards that apply to your job and make a commitment to fulfilling them. If they have failed to include the relevant standards on the quote document, ask them to amend it before giving your approval.

Guarantee period

Does your electrician guarantee their work for a set period? This should be set out in the quote, and is a good indication that they are a quality operator. But read the small print so you’re clear about any circumstances that may void the electrician’s guarantee terms.

Itemised pricing

Your electrician’s quote should break down the costs involved in an itemised list. That way you’ll have a complete understanding of the exact costs involved. An itemised quote provides more transparency and will tend to be much more accurate than a ‘ballpark’ figure, which can easily blow out even if it appears to be the cheaper option at first glance.

Recommendations or references

You’re well within your rights to ask your electrician to provide recommendations or references from past clients as part of the quote document. If they resist, it could be a sign of an inexperienced or lazy operator.

Accuracy and promptness

If the quote is filled with spelling mistakes, typos or other errors, it could demonstrate poor attention to detail. Likewise, if the electrician fails to produce a quote within the agreed timeframe, you may be better off looking elsewhere for an electrician who will prioritise your business.


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