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What to consider before installing a ceiling fan

16 November 2015

When the warmer months approach many of us may be scratching our heads thinking of cost effective ways to keep the house cool when the mercury soars. One of the primary concerns most people have when coming up with ways to keep cool during summer is typically the cost involved.


Cost effectiveness of a new ceiling fan

Whilst it would be nice to be able to have an air conditioner blasting non-stop so that you could recreate a Northern hemisphere January in your own living room, sadly this is going to be prohibitively expensive to operate.
A new ceiling fan will end up costing you far less to run and will generally be a lot cheaper to purchase initially as well.

For example, GKT Group can supply and install a basic white, 4 blade timber fan with or without a light in your home for between $150-$300 in approximately 1-3 hours.


Think of the environment

Fans use a fraction of the electricity that air conditioners use, meaning you will not only be saving your hard earned cash, but also doing your bit to reduce our effect on the environment. It might not seem like you will be making much of a difference, but it will help educate your children so that they might pick up a few eco-friendly habits to take with them into the future.


Styles of ceiling fans

When choosing a style of fan don’t forget to consider how it will fit in with the rest of your home. You want something that is functional, but also compliments your existing decor.

Most electricians can supply and install. If you prefer to buy your fan yourself, there are a wide range of ceiling fans to suit your individual taste and style, including metal blades, wooden blades and remote or wall switch options.

View a selection of options below, and feel free to make an enquiry


Rovert white finish light & remote



Ceiling Sweep Fan Stainless Steel


Source: HPM

Rovert Sleek Design with Remote

Source: Rovert


There are a few things to consider when deciding on a new ceiling fan to ensure you get the most out of it.


Here are a few common sense tips that a professional electrician will take care of when installing your ceiling fan, but you may not have considered:

  • Make sure the fan is at least 50cm above the head height of the tallest person you know (this one is pretty self explanatory)
  • See if it is possible to install a light/fan combination unit
  • If there is a hanging light fixture existing, try to avoid having the fan lower than the light source or the fan will cause shadows whenever it’s on at the same time as the light
  • Pay attention to the angle of the blades on the fan, the steeper they are the more air will be pushed around, the flatter they are the less air will be circulated.
  • Also take note of which way the blades are angled in relation to which way the fan is spinning (Clockwise or counterclockwise)




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