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How to save electricity and money

29 April 2016

We all know that forking over your hard earned cash on electricity bills can be a difficult at the best of times. Chances are you have probably come across some tips somewhere along the line telling you how to save money on your electricity bill, and that’s great.


Here is an article outlining some of the things Australian’s are guilty of wasting electricity on, to give you some inspiration to start saving today. While you’re at it, you can crunch some numbers on this appliance calculator to see the potential savings you could be making.


The only problem is that unless you regularly and consistently put an electricity saving plan into action, you won’t reap the benefits.


So, how do we really knuckle down and make it work, long term?


Here are a handful of hints to help you put the game plan into place and make it a regular part of your routine, so that you start noticing a real reduction on your bills.


  • Make saving electricity a philosophy, not an afterthought

The reason many households fail to change their electricity usage patterns is because it simply gets forgotten about. Try triggering your memory using items you probably already have lying around the house. If you have an electrical hot water system, for example, set an alarm on your smartphone to go off 4 minutes after you jump in the shower.
Make sure it’s at maximum volume, and that way you won’t go overtime when having a rinse. For a bit of extra motivation, check out this guide to see how much electricity you are using to heat water in your home.

This will help you save both electricity and water! You could also do the same for air conditioners, heaters and appliances. Even if you switch off for 15 minutes of every hour, you will be using 25% less electricity. You need to train yourself to think in terms of electricity use, and how your behaviour can be changed to reduce it.


  • Keep your electricity usage history front and centre

Grab yourself a whiteboard, a corkboard or something similar and display it in a prominent area of your home. Keep a monthly record of your electricity bills and the total amounts to see if you are making progress. Even if it’s only a quick glance, you will be reminded everyday of your electricity usage history, and it will be a powerful motivation to continue your efforts. To make the process accurate and simple, you can find a bunch of great energy usage tracking resources here and you can also compare your usage with the average benchmark in your postcode.


  • Reward yourself for your efforts

Once you start to notice the fruits of your labour, don’t be afraid to treat yourself and your family. Why not open an online savings account and start depositing what you’ve saved by cutting back on electricity bills? It’s amazing how much easier it is to save electricity when you see the dollars piling up. If you manage to put away a few hundred dollars by the end of the year, book a weekend away for the family, or splurge on a new iPad for the kids.


  • Talk about it regularly within your household

If you are serious about cutting electricity usage in your home, talk to your family or housemates about your efforts and progress, particularly if you are designing a new home. The more it comes up in conversation in the home, the more likely it will be that you succeed in reducing your electricity bills. Get it out there, keep it interesting and always encourage others to get on board with electricity reduction.


And here’s a checklist for you, in case you have forgotten some of the most effective actions you can take to slow down to save electricity and money:

  • Don’t charge gadgets constantly
  • Take advantage of winter sunlight
  • Shorten your shower
  • Ceiling fans can replace air conditioners
  • Dress appropriately


Check out another one of our blog posts detailing these practical methods for limiting your electricity consumption.


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Image Source: Salvatore Ventura


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