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3 reliable CCTV and home security options to keep your family safe

7 November 2017

Your home is your kingdom.

It’s the one place you feel completely safe and secure.  

Now imagine someone breaking in.

The idea of a stranger forcing their way into your house is terrifying. It doesn’t matter whether you’re home or not. There are few things more unsettling than a burglar and frighteningly, home invasions happen so much more often than you’d expect.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that robberies are up 5% for the first time since 2010 with the number of victims rising from 8,968 in 2015 to 9,403 victims in 2017.

Household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia and there’s never been a better time to have home security systems installed to protect your possessions, your family and your own personal safety.

We want to help you sleep soundly each and every night with the knowledge you and your family are safe and protected. We want to share three reliable CCTV and home security options to keep watch on your home – so you don’t have to feel like you need to sleep with a baseball bat under your bed and one eye open.

1. Install a home CCTV Security System

You should never take the safety of your family for granted.

Installing CCTV cameras will give you a reliable source of protection.

Breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge you can monitor and record footage of your home in real time whenever you’re away.

Maximise the CCTV coverage by placing cameras strategically at specific angles around the house. The front door, back door and first floor windows are all smart areas to install cameras. All points of entry are hotspots, so do your best to make sure you have these covered.

Cameras also provide an effective visual deterrent to burglars.

Safety news website Homeland Security Newswire analysed Humboldt Park in America after a significant spike in crime rates a couple of years ago. Their results found burglaries dropped by 20% and stayed at the reduced rate immediately after CCTV cameras were installed.

One quick glance at a security camera can be enough to spook a burglar out of their plan. Criminals are less inclined to break into your home when they know they’re being watched or recorded.

Find out how we can help you with home CCTV so you can protect your family and keep burglars at bay.

Home CCTV systems are one of the most reliable ways to protect your family – even though you can’t guarantee your safety, you can immediately and significantly reduce the risk of a home invasion.

2. Install a Home Alarm System

Just about anyone would run away from an ear-achingly loud, attention-grabbing alarm and it sounds like most criminals agree.

According to SafeWise, 60% of convicted burglars say the presence of an alarm would force them to find another home to target.

That’s why home alarm systems are such a valuable option to help you to ensure your safety.

When your alarms start blaring, a security company will call and check to see if you’re home. If not, you rest assured they will call the police and protect your home from any further damage or loss.

At GKT Group, we specialise in affordable home alarm systems and we’ve got a wide range of both wireless and wired state-of-the-art alarm system options to choose from. The success rate of home alarm systems proves the value of your installation. The process and setup are simple and fast. Within hours, we can help you keep your home safe and secure.

3. Find a Qualified, Experienced Home Monitoring Team

You can depend on home CCTV and alarm systems to stop burglars in their tracks but it also helps to know that you’ve got a solid human support system in place to keep your family safe.

The home security team on the other end of the phone needs to be experienced, reliable and fast-acting otherwise your valuables (or even worse – your loved ones) could be at risk.

The GKT Group home monitoring team is a collection of passionate, well-qualified and experienced professionals. Our team is always ready to act when you need us most. If a burglar enters your home, you can be absolutely sure we’ll respond fast and effectively to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe and secure.

You have the right to feel safe and secure in your own home

You should feel relaxed at home without the nagging threat of a home invasion keeping you and your family on edge.

You should also feel secure leaving your house unattended during the day, over the weekend, or even on an extended holiday break. Safety is a basic human right. You deserve to feel at ease when your head hits the pillow.

It’s time to take back the power from the criminals prowling around your local area. Maximise the safety of your family within hours and make the call to install a reliable home security system today.

Want to find out more about installing a home security system to prevent burglars and vandals? Contact GKT Group on 1300 766 324 to maximise your safety today.

Image source: Pexels

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