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Reduce renovation costs: How to save money on electrical renovation expenses

28 October 2016

How to keep your renovation costs down by understanding your electrical costs

Renovating is a great way to add value to your home. But if you’re not careful, your renovation costs can quickly spiral out of control and become an expensive nightmare.

Keeping your renovation on a tight leash comes down to smart planning and the willingness to compromise.

Here are seven ways to keep your electrical renovation costs down whilst renovating…


1 Go straight to the professionals

It’s vital that you get electrical work right the first time. Amateur mistakes may not only be expensive to fix, but they can also cause significant damage and even severe personal injury.


2 Beware of older homes

If you are buying an older home with the intention of renovating it, know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Some older homes may be designed with electrical systems that are no longer up to current standards. In some cases, entire electrical systems may have to be replaced at significant expense.


3 Consult an electrician at design stage

It pays to call in an electrician for their professional advice while you’re designing your new renovation. They’ll be able to advise on a number of cost saving measures such as the most cost-effective places for your electrical outlets and money-wise lighting layouts.


4 Be smart with your power points

Put some thought into the layout of your power points. Rather than demanding double outlets as standard, identify areas where a single outlet will suffice. For example, putting a double outlets behind your fridge and oven that only require single outlets is throwing money away.


5 Consider your energy load

If you are renovating an older property, the electrical system may have to be upgraded to cope with increased energy demand. Talk to your electrician about how you may be able to avoid an energy upgrade by making smart decisions like forgoing that extra air conditioning unit.


6 Hire a project manager

If you are conducting a major renovation, consider hiring a project manager to organise the workflow and ensure all the tradies are called in at the right time. This will help you to avoid overlaps and avoid costly project delays.


7 Think about long-term savings

Sometimes you need to spend money now to save money later. For example, installing energy-efficient LED lighting in your renovation may cost slightly more in the short term, but will quickly pay for itself — and then some — in the years to come.


Get a better understanding of your electrical costs in Newcastle and the Hunter by talking with GKT Group.


Image source: Pixabay

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