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4 mini security cameras to catch robbers in the act

15 October 2018

A home invasion or robbery can leave you feeling vulnerable in your own home. You end up wondering how it could’ve happened – you were feeling so secure and safe. Now, your family’s safety seems to be at stake.

This is an issue that thousands of Australian homeowners face every day. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 176,153 people became victims of forced entry in 2017, with intent to steal or harm.

Want to keep your family, your pets, and your belongings safe from harm? It might be worth installing some form of home security. Here are some of the sneakiest mini security cameras available in Australia, including lamps, light bulbs, and even stuffed toys!


#1. The LawMate PV-RC200HDW Car Remote (complete with hidden camera + WIFI)


Image: Spy Mate

If you’re concerned about the safety of your car either at home or out in public, you might want to check out the LawMate PV-RC200HDW Car Remote Camera, complete with WIFI and 1080p HD filming.

This piece of tech looks like a regular car remote control, but it’s got a miniscule pinhole camera which catches car thieves in the act. Perfect for leaving in a cup holder or stuck to the dashboard.

Available through Spy Mate, the LawMate Car Remote Camera allows you to access the camera using your smartphone and includes a time stamp so that when you supply the footage to the police, there will be an accurate time included for extra evidence.

These discrete cameras are available throughout Australia for $450.

#2. Colourful LED Desk Lamp (modern and 100% watching at all times)

Image: The Spy Store

Home security cameras don’t have to deviate from the decor.

Ideal for modern homes, the colour of these LED lamps can be adjusted via smartphone to suit the colour scheme of your home. Plus, the lamps can double as a comforting night light for the kids, or a modern light solution for your home office.

You’ll feel a lot safer at night with these high tech lamps. While providing a soft glow, these lamps stream in 1080p, rotating 360 degrees throughout the night to get a full view of the room.

Night vision is an added bonus, allowing the cameras to get detailed footage throughout the night and send motion alerts to your smartphone, letting you know there’s movement in the house in real time.

These colourful lamps are available through online security shop, The Spy Store, for around $285.

#3. 720P HD Wireless WiFi Baby Monitor Monkey (cuddly for the kids)

Image: The Spy Store

Hmmm, we wonder where the camera is…

Australian home security innovators, The Spy Store, have developed a baby monitor inside a monkey toy, designed to keep the kids company at night while also keeping an eye on them in 720p.

The monkey doll features a discrete HD video camera that streams to your computer or smartphone using a downloadable app. With live streaming and remote playback, the monkey doll baby monitor is an easy way to check on your home, children or pets while you’re at work, on holiday, or even in the next room.

With powerful inbuilt night vision, you can pick up one of these monkeys from The Spy Store for around $198.

LED Light Bulb Security Camera (360 degree vision leaving nowhere to hide)


Image: The SUP Desk

Looking for a two-for-one deal? This LED light globe doubles as a fisheye camera with 360 degree vision, leaving nowhere for criminals to hide. Linked to an app on your smartphone, these light globes will alert you to the presence of robbers, while also filming in 1280x1024p resolution.

The light bulb itself features three 1W white LED lights producing 180 lumens i.e. enough light to brighten up a small to medium sized room, the same as a regular light bulb from your local Bunnings.

This camera/light bulb also has an energy efficient design, so you’ll be saving money while keeping an eye on your house.

You can pick up these light bulbs from The SUP Desk for around $120.

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Catch home invaders off guard with these genius mini security camera designs

You can take your home security into your own hands with a deceptive mini security camera. These devices are getting more and more creative each day, moving into the realms of remote controls and stuffed monkeys, so you can keep an eye on the house without home invaders knowing you’ve already called the police.

While these home security solutions are affordable and simple to install, it’s always recommended to speak to a home security expert about your options. We can provide some insight into the best option for your home and unique requirements.

Get in touch with the team from GKT Group about our security services and check out our blog on what to look for when engaging an electrician. We offer high tech home alarm system installation, home monitoring while you’re away on holiday, and home CCTV, ensuring you and your family feel safe at home (or on holidays).

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