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Feature vs. Task lighting – what’s the best choice for your living room lighting?

28 March 2017

Imagine, for a moment, not being able to see at night.

You’re sitting alone, watching MKR in the dark.

The cat is in its element.

You are most certainly not.

How did people get through the Medieval era? The Dark Ages must have been a tough time.

Your living room is home to all sorts of activities, and almost all of them require some sort of lighting.

Task lighting, feature lighting – you hear these technical terms bandied about – it’s all a bit much.

Don’t worry, we’re about to explain how you can maximise the benefits of both task lighting and feature lighting to make the most out of your living room.


How to use task lighting for your living room

Task lighting is clear, bright lighting that brightens up areas in the room, allowing you to complete tasks that call for clear lighting.

Task lighting in the living room plays an important role – it makes finicky tasks like eating (and your evening Candy Crush sessions) so much easier.

You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing at all times, and effective task lighting will help keep you and your family out of trouble.


3 helpful ways to use task lighting in your living room

#1. Recessed LEDs

Image Source: Pexels


#2. Bright Chandeliers

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#3. Floor Lamps

Image Source: Pexels


Use variations on these types of light as a base for your living room lighting plan- it’ll help you brighten up any area with ease.

How to use feature lighting for your living room


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.

When done well – feature lighting is the come hither stuff.

The stuff to set the mood and get those good times going.

We love a bit of feature lighting.

As the official mood-setter, you need to think strategically about the location of your feature lighting to try and generate the best impact.


3 helpful ways to use feature lighting in your living room

#1. Well-placed wall sconces

Image Source: Pexels


#2. Decorative Lamps

Image Source: Pexels


#3. Modern LED track-lighting

Image Source: Pixabay

Feature lighting is the underestimated gem of the lighting world.

Your living room is home to such a diverse range of activities, and you need to have the right lighting to help you in each and every situation.

Feature lighting is a sophisticated design element in any living room – just make sure you have task lighting in the mix too. That way you can buy funky lights (like this one from Etsy) without sacrificing valuable task lighting in your living room

Start your living room lighting improvements in Newcastle by talking to GKT today. GKT proudly service Newcastle and the Hunter.

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