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Lighting Design Inspiration From the Best in the Business

30 June 2014

The world’s most prestigious lighting design accolades have been handed down for 2014, with the Lumen 2014 Awards gala wrapping up in New York on June 20.

The Lumen awards have been running since 1968, with engineers, architects and designers around the world fighting it out for the biggest prize in lighting. The Illuminating Engineering Society put together this fantastic clip to show you why the Lumen is the Oscar of lighting:

This year’s winners can teach you a thing or two about the beauty and function of quality lighting design. We’ll take you through the brightest sparks to give you some lightbulb moments for your next design project.

The Vol Walker Hall and Steven L Anderson Design

Vol Walker hall lighting Design

“The lighting works with the simplicity of the architecture and is perfectly executed. We were surprised by the ceiling and the opening to the sky.” Lumen Awards Jury

Parrish Art Museum

Parrish Lighting Design

“It’s beautiful, simple, well executed and plays against light and dark. It solves the concerns of seeing art in natural light and makes you feel as if you are viewing works of art in an outside setting.” Lumen Awards Jury

Theatre School, DePaul University

DePaul University Theatre School Lighting Design

“The lighting supports a theatrical space and is consistent throughout the building. We found the black box theater playful.” Lumen Awards Jury

TAO Downtown

TAO Lighting Design

“The lighting is designed to service all that’s going on in the restaurant. There’s a lot of contrast between warm and cool lighting and glare is so well controlled. We thought the lighting on the tables makes this large space feel intimate.” Lumen Awards Jury

Hotel Les Haras

Les Haras Hotel Lighting Design

“Smart, yet risky decisions were made to make the lighting responsive to the architecture. Subtle lighting creates an intimate atmosphere for diners.” Lumen Awards Jury

Yonkers Casino

Yonkers Casino

“The application of light is so transformative. We thought the project was restrained and carefully controlled which yielded beautiful results.” Lumen Awards Jury

Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University Lighting Design

Baldwin Auditorium Duke University Lighting Design

“It’s as if scores of music inspired the renovation of this historic building. The design doesn’t try to replicate what was there and the lighting honors the architecture.” Lumen Awards Jury

Waldorf Astoria Park Avenue Lobby & Entry

Waldorf Astoria Park Avenue Lobby and Entry Lighting Design

“This project is a good example of the movement towards the use of cooler white light. They took this beloved hotel and made it fresh, yet the ambience feels the same.” Lumen Awards Jury

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Spaudling Rehabilitation Centre Lighting Design

“Not sexy, but clean, inviting, energy efficient, and well done. It balances energy with good design in a challenging situation.” Lumen Awards Jury

Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin

“Despite budgetary constraints, the design integrates nicely with the architecture. We appreciated the simplicity of the execution of this project.” Lumen Awards Jury

Imagining the Lowline

Imagining The Lowline Lighting design

“This is a really thoughtful installation on how to bring light down into an underground space. Light pours through the oculus and is dispersed throughout to its outer reaches and it demonstrates the mastery of lighting.” Lumen Awards Jury

Friends Seminary Dining Hall

Friends Seminary Dining Hall Lighting Designs

“The lighting solves a difficult problem of low, angled ceilings in an intelligent manner by creating the perception of more space.” Lumen Awards Jury

Now you have your inspiration from some award winning lighting designs developed by the best in the business around the world.

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