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5 foolproof ways to improve your apartment security

22 November 2018

You’d think an apartment would be safe from burglaries and break-ins. There are extra locks on the front door (chains, deadlocks, regular locks), some apartments have electronic key-cards for entry, and there are usually security measures in place at reception.

However, this doesn’t mean that the unit is secure. Renters are 85% more likely to experience a burglary than homeowners.

Apartments can be broken into via balconies near ground level and there are often unauthorised guests walking through the main entrance, some disguised as guests of residents in the building. There’s also the risk of neighbours in the building – most burglars live in the area, often within 2km.

At GKT Group, we want residents throughout Newcastle to feel safe in their homes and apartments, so we’ve come up with five foolproof methods improving the security in apartment buildings – without forfeiting your bond.

#1. Check all window locks, door locks and fire exits before committing to rent

An appalling 30% of burglars enter homes through windows while 34% walk straight through the front door.

When looking for an apartment, it’s important to take note of existing locks on windows and doors. If there are none, it might be worth looking at a few more apartments or asking the landlord if it’s possible to install new locks before moving in.

It’s important to feel safe at home. Your landlord has a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of the apartment before new tenants move in.

While checking out the apartment, make sure to note where the fire exits are in the building in case of emergencies. Fire escapes can be literal lifesavers in the event of a fire but can also serve as a quick escape route when it comes to invaders.

#2. Install a wireless home security system

Security cameras are a major deterrent for burglars. In fact, around 60% of burglars indicate that the presence of an alarm would make them seek another home to target.

Of course, renters can’t make changes to apartment walls, floors, doors or windows without putting the bond at risk. However, there are now more high-tech wireless security systems than ever before, making apartment security much easier to manage.

Wireless home security systems can cost as little as $29.95 from the Good Guys. They have a mountable camera from Arlo that can rest on a table or TV cabinet for this price, plus it’s adjustable to point in any direction you prefer.

Image: Good Guys

For more advanced security coverage, there’s also the Arlo Pro, a wire-free and weatherproof security system that streams video and sound footage straight to your smartphone. You can just open the app while you’re away and see what’s going on at home, plus receive notifications when something is amiss at home.

This system goes for around $549.

Arlo Pro Wirefree Security Cameras

Image: Good Guys

#3. Invest in a safe for your valuables

A safe can be the last line of defence against burglars. A fireproof safe can protect cash, jewellery, sensitive documents and irreplaceable possessions.
These lock-boxes can be on the expensive side, ranging from $100 to $1,000 or more, depending on the size. However, compared to the cost of the items kept inside, it’s worth spending the money – you’ll save more money than you’ll lose.
Consider your budget and browse around for a safe that suits your needs. It’ll be worth it in the long-run.

#4. Ask your landlord to install deadlocks (or offer to purchase + install these yourself)

Additional safety measures can make all the difference in your comfort at home.

Consider asking your landlord to install a deadlock to the front door (and the back door, if you have one). Deadlocks are more secure and harder to pick than standard door knobs with a rotating lock cylinder.

Standard door knobs have a spring bolt lock which are simple to open – burglars can force the bolt into itself.

Most landlords would be happy to improve the safety of their investment property. However, if your landlord is especially busy, offer to hire a locksmith yourself. This takes the pressure of your landlord and you can simply send through the invoice once it’s done.

#5. Get renters insurance

For an additional safety net, consider getting renters insurance.

Renters insurance covers the contents of your apartment, from furniture to figures, devices, jewellery and more. Insurance helps to protect your belongings from loss or damage caused by fires, storms, and theft, all while you’re living in someone else’s house.

We recommend installing alarms or cameras, too, as this can affect the price of your insurance – or your eligibility to get insurance at all. Having security measures in place will work in your favour, potentially allowing you to get a discount from your insurer.

Apartments can be seen as an easy target – don’t let burglars take advantage of you

Renters are far more at risk of having their home burgled than homeowners. Apartments are seen as easy targets, with more entry points than most homes, including balconies on lower levels.

You can avoid potential burglaries and home invasions with a few security safety nets including renters insurance, wireless cameras and alarms, a safe, and improved deadlocks.

The odds of a break-in can be reduced – you just need to take these suggestions into consideration and commit to the safety of your belongings.

Need more expert advice about apartment security? Get in touch with the GKT team in Newcastle. We’d be happy to help.


Image: Pexels

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