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How to perfect your outside lighting

13 April 2017

Australians are simple people.

We love a nice warm afternoon, an extra cold beer and a place to sit back and relax.

It doesn’t take much to keep us happy.

Your home is supposed to be a haven, so why not make it one?

Whether you own or rent, there are a few easy ways to create an entertainment area you’ll love.

Outside lights are one of the easiest ways to bring some fun and vision to your party pad, so we’ll walk you through some simple tips to improve your outdoor living area.


Outside lighting tips for a renter


Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you’re limited to having bare walls and stock standard lighting. Yes, there are rules you’ll have to abide by when it comes to hanging lights on walls or from the ceilings – but you can still make the most of snazzy, rent-friendly outside lighting.


Fairy Lights



Image Source: Pexels

This shouldn’t be a surprise – fairy lights are cool. They’re a cheap (some are even solar powered) and super simple way to brighten up your entertainment area.

You can use multiple rows arranged as a canopy to create a sky of fairy lights, or a few strings draped across a wall as a cool feature to brighten up your space.

Ikea stock a wide range of fairy lights and hanging lights to suit any budget or design plan.


LED Plug-in lights



Use tasteful LED lights to create a charming lighting feature in your outdoor area. A super easy way to create inspirational lighting – use LED uplights around features like trees or vines in your garden.

Bunnings have some stylish LEDS which would work perfectly in any outdoor area. The best part? No installation required- this is a DIY job requiring no more than an outdoor powerpoint.

Some homes won’t have outdoor powerpoints- double check and ask your landlord for permission before getting an electrician to install a powerpoint.

Who said outside lighting was boring?


Entertainment area lighting for the homeowner


Lighting for a homeowner is a different game – you have the luxury of freedom to make electrical changes, and the extra benefit of adding value to your home with your brand new entertainment area.


LEDS are always a winner for functional lighting



Image Source: Pixabay

You need to consider your choices as an investment to create a perfect entertainment area. Think high-quality LED downlights with dimmers for extra customisation. LED uplights or strip lighting can accentuate beautiful features in your garden.

LEDS are a bit more expensive than a standard fluorescent or incandescent light, but they’re more energy efficient. This handy article will walk you through choosing the right type of LED for your needs if you’re not sure about the best option for your home.

The trick with outdoor lighting – avoid glare at all costs. A dimmer option on your LEDs will help control glare, making your entertaining area the envy of prying neighbours.


Don’t forget to have some fun with your lighting!



Image Source: Pexels

Fairy lights or traditional light strings are always a winner and you can move them around your area as needed.

Our article on garden lighting designs has a heap of nifty ideas to help you introduce some fun new lighting to your entertainment area.

When you’re a homeowner, it’s easy to focus on the essentials first – don’t forget to have some fun with your lighting to inject a bit of personality and unique style into your area.


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