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14 July 2016

Electrical problems in your home or business should always be treated with a high level of caution. Whenever something goes wrong and a source of electricity is involved, there is the potential for fire, smoke damage and serious injury. Thankfully, most of the electrical problems that we encounter in our homes or workplaces are usually more of an inconvenience than a serious health and safety risk.


However, certain situations should be considered an emergency and it’s important that you know what warning signs to look for. Emergency electricians offer a range of services to deal with especially hazardous situations, and will respond at short notice.


Here are some of the main warning signs you should be aware of so that you know when it’s time to call an emergency electrician:


Your property is the only one on the block to lose power


Generally, a blackout is a result of a problem with the power grid that supplies electricity to your local area, so if you’ve lost power, the rest of the neighbourhood will too. If you encounter a situation where your property is the only one on the block to lose power, this indicates that the problem is isolated to your direct power supply.


There is evidence of smoke, charring or burning anywhere near an electrical outlet or appliance

If there is a fire or excessive smoke coming from a powerpoint or appliance, contact the local emergency services immediately by dialling triple zero. If you find evidence that there have been sparks or a surge that has caused visible


damage, do not attempt to touch or repair any power points or appliances yourself. In this case, an experienced, licensed emergency electrician is required. This is the safest way to diagnose exactly what the issue is and what has caused it.


You experience water damage in your home


Water and electricity is an extremely dangerous combination. If you do experience water damage in your home or business, you will require the services of an emergency electrician to assess the premises for potential hazards and damage that may have occurred.


Unless you have extensive experience with electrical wiring, it is very hard to tell the extent of water damage by undertaking a visual inspection alone.


If you know there has been water exposure in high-risk areas, never assume that it is safe to proceed because you can’t see any problems. Seek a professional inspection before allowing family, friends or colleagues anywhere near the affected area.


There is evidence of damaged or exposed wiring


If you notice any damage to wiring, including frayed or stripped insulation, this can be a real cause for concern. In many cases, rodents and other pests may be responsible for the issue, and it has been known to cause house fires

Don’t hesitate to call in an emergency electrician if you see damage to wires or cables inside or outside your home. Avoid contact with the affected area and do not use any tools or other objects to touch anything.
These are some of the most common instances that an emergency electrician would be called out to a home or workplace to assess the risks and perform repairs. You can also check out another one of our blog posts to help give you an idea of how much electricians cost


If you need an emergency electrician in Newcastle or the Hunter, jot down 1300 766 324 as we’re available 24/7 for emergency call-outs.


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