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Faulty electrical wiring: 5 signs your family is at risk

5 November 2018

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Electrical malfunctions at home are a serious problem in Australia. Between 2016-2017, 10 deaths from electric shock were recorded in Australia and New Zealand.

All 10 of those deaths occurred in Australia.

Out of those 10 deaths, 9 were members of the general public, and 6 deaths were the result of a malfunctioning appliance, a piece of electrical equipment, or faulty electrical wiring in the home.

These results are not good enough. Families should feel safe at home and feel confident with the wiring their electrician has done.

Concerned about the state of your wiring?

We’ve collected five signs of poor electrical wiring to use as a checklist throughout the house. If the issues below are a common occurrence in your home, you might need a qualified electrician to review the wiring in your home.

#1. Dimming or flickering lights

There’s nothing more distracting than flickering lights. Whether you’re at work, school, the shops or even at home, flickering lights can be a major cause of unease and discomfort.

However, dimming or flickering lights at home can also be a cause for concern. Has the wiring been done right?

Most light fixtures draw a small amount of power, so dimming or flickering lights is not a sign that the wiring is faulty. Instead, it could mean that the placement of the fixtures is not ideal and there are other appliances on the circuit that are hogging the power.

Electrical appliances like fans and heaters can use up a lot of power on a circuit. If the lights are dimming and flickering at home, get in touch with an electrician about moving the lights to different circuits or installing dedicated circuits for major appliances.

#2. Funny odours inside the house

The smell of burning plastic or hot metal is a serious warning sign.

New appliances often emit a weird smell the first time you fire them up. However, if the smell is coming from the outlet it’s plugged into, switch off the appliance, unplug it, and don’t use the outlet again. It could be a sign of poor wiring or a malfunction in the outlet.

Again, we recommend getting an electrician to check it out. It’s not safe to use an outlet giving off concerning smells – let the professionals look into it for you.

#3. Hot outlets and switches

Some appliances are designed to run hot – think toasters, space heaters, and sandwich makers. However, even with these warm appliances, the outlet is NEVER meant to be hot.

Electric currents can warm up the outlet, but if the outlet is hot to the touch, turn off and unplug the appliance. The outlet should remain cool to luke-warm, but not burning hot. This could be a sign of bad wiring.

#4. Frequent power outages, blown fuses and tripped breakers

Ever had to sneak outside in the dead of night to turn the breakers back on? This is the last thing you want to do on a cold, rainy winter’s night, and it’s something no homeowner or renter should have to do.

Circuit breakers are designed to stop the overloading of power in a house. If an appliance is causing power outages in the house but only on one circuit, it could be a sign of poor wiring.

#5. An ongoing buzzing sound

Electrical buzzing is a common sound-effect for lighting in movies… however, lights should never buzz at home.
Functioning lights should be silent and unnoticeable. If the lights are buzzing, flickering and dimming (as mentioned above), it’s a sign the wiring might need to be checked or redone.

Loose outlets, prongs, and old or damaged wires can cause the current to jump, causing a buzzing sound. This is called an “arc” of electricity and can cause light bulbs to blow or the circuit to trip.

If buzzing lights are becoming a problem in your home, get in touch with the team at GKT. Our trained electricians can drop in for a visit and find the source of the problem. Let our experts do the dangerous work for you.

Don’t put your family at risk. Get a trained professional to review your wiring.

So, your original electrician didn’t do a bang-up job of the wiring and there are problems throughout the house with flickering, buzzing, and tripping power outlets.

It’s not too late to have these problems addressed.

GKT Group is Newcastle’s top team of electricians – trained experts in home electrical, commercial electrical and retail fit-outs, we know a thing or two about how wiring should be done to keep families and businesses safe throughout the Hunter.

We can review the current wiring in your home or business and make the changes needed to make the premises safe again.

Don’t gamble on your electrical.

Contact GKT Group in Newcastle about your faulty electrical wiring, or ask us about our electrical & security services.

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