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Electrical FAQs

blue-lightsHow hard is it to move the location of a light in my house?

Moving a light in your home isn’t a hard job, however, there are a few things you need to consider before moving a light:

  • The type of light you are moving (i.e. a chandelier will be harder to move than an LED)
  • Do the electricians have access to the ceiling space?
  • The type of light fitting – is it surface mounted or recessed?
  • Where is the location of the new light
  • Switching arrangements – does the light switch need to be moved or swapped?

Where can I put a new powerpoint?

There aren’t any restrictions on where you can put a powerpoint, however it’s important to know bathrooms have different regulations.

The Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:20076) dictate the different zones in a bathroom, and there are different electrical regulations for each zone.

Is it easy to add a new powerpoint?

It’s not hard to add a new powerpoint to your home, however, you need to consider the following:

  • What the powerpoint is made of
  • Is your floor built on piers or a concrete slab
  • What is the access to the ceiling for wires
  • Wall construction – gyprock, brick etc. – Different wall materials will make it harder for the electrician to install the powerpoint.

What do I need to consider if I want to install a chandelier?

  • If you are installing the chandelier on a beam – it requires support and structure in the ceiling space
  • What is the ceiling height clearance between the floor and the
  • Globes in chandelier
  • Pendant lights – low voltage
  • Size for the room – lumens for the space
  • Clearance space for walls, doors etc. stairs


What are options for keeping cables tidy in my office?

Keeping your office nice and tidy is super easy when you have a few handy items, including:

  • Cable trays
  • Cable basket
  • Cable floor protectors
  • Service poles
  • Softwire

What is an electrical safety check?

An electrical safety check includes the following:

  • Testing of circuit breakers + RCDs (residual current device)
    Building + pest report (for electrical side of things)
  • You wouldn’t normally require an electrical safety check unless you are buying a house or unless something had gone wrong.

Do you undertake appliance electrical repairs?

We recommend all appliance repairs be conducted by manufacturers and suppliers.

How often should I test my smoke alarms?

Every year you should replace batteries in your smoke alarm. GKT can install your smoke alarm for you.

How can I make my home energy efficient?

There are a few things you can do to ensure your house is energy efficient. This includes:

  • Changing to LED lighting from halogen and incandescent
  • Using timers to turn electrical appliances off
  • Moving to solar power in the home
  • Turn appliances off at the power point


How long does it take to install a home security system?

From quote to installation it will take under a week 4-5 hrs to install. This includes cameras, alarms, sensors, access control etc.

Can I do electrical work myself?

No. Unless you are a licensed electrician you risk damaging yourself and your home. You also need certification for certain work, so if you are an electrician, check your certified before doing work on your own home.

What is a surge protector and should I get one?

A surge protector simply protects any devices and appliances from experiencing a power surge in the event of a storm. The way our power lines work you shouldn’t experience surges so they’re not necessary.

What counts as an electrical emergency?

  • Live wires
  • Electrical fires
  • Electricity + water
  • Loss of power (in some cases)

GKT offer a range of emergency electrical services. We have a 24/7 emergency response.

Do any appliances require special power outlets?

Yes. This depends on the power consumption from the appliance. Check with the appliance manufacturer for any specific guidelines around power outlets.

Is there any difference between a residential and commercial electrician?

No, just the level of experience the electrician has. Residential electricians require more experience because of the diverse nature of the work.

How do you replace a recessed LED light?

  • Turn switch off, take LED out, replace with new LED
  • Check if downlights are hardwired or plug in. Plug ins anyone can change, hardwired

How many power boards should I have connected to a power point?

There are no specific laws, but you are just adding more load to the circuit and risk melting the powerboard.

When do you need a new circuit?

  • Each aircon has own circuit
  • Hot water, cooktop, oven own circuit.
  • Maximum demand calculations

What adds to the cost of electrical work?

  • Access – making sure everyone can access the work site
  • Style and cost of light fitting, powerpoint etc.
  • Wall materials

What can I do as a homeowner to make electrician’s quote cheaper and more effective

  • Be prepared in terms of cleaning (i.e. keep the kids bedroom clean before we go to complete electrical work).
  • Show type of light fitting or materials so electricians can quote correctly

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