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4 tips for dealing with dodgy electrical work

29 January 2019

At GKT Group, we understand the value of good customer service.

Whether you’ve hired an electrician to wire your new home, fix a power outlet in your current home or apartment, or even to complete a full electrical fit-out of your new business, you expect the work to be done right straight off the bat.

No flickering lights. No mysterious buzzing. No power outages.


A licensed electrician should get the job done with minimal fuss. Once the ‘leco has finished their work, it should be like there was never a problem or lack of power in the first place.

So what happens when an electrician does dodgy electrical work?

We know how frustrating it can be when you don’t get the service you were expecting, which is why we’ve put together this guide to dealing with dodgy electrical work, from contacting your electrician to reporting the incident to the proper authorities. Read on and tackle your electrical problems head-on!


#1. Contact the electrician who completed the work

In 2018, we published a blog about the warning signs of faulty electrical wiring. If flickering or dimming lights, buzzing sounds, and funny metallic smells are a common occurrence following a visit from your local ‘leco, you might want to contact the service provider to take a second look.

In most cases, calling or emailing the service provider will be enough to fix the problem. The electrician or business owner might ask for proof of purchase and discuss options to determine whether a repair, replacement or refund is required, but most businesses will jump at the chance to fix their mistake and offer the best customer service possible.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) recommends also writing a letter of complaint to the business. This provides written evidence that there was a problem and establishes a date of initial contact.

NOTE: if the electrician or business becomes uncontactable after taking a deposit or completing the bad electrical work, there’s a chance the electrician was unlicensed. If that’s the case, keep reading.


#2. Contact the ACCC

If the electrician has disappeared off the face of the earth or, alternatively, refuses to fix their work, you can contact the ACCC for more information about your consumer rights and obligations, plus the possible course of action you can take.

The ACCC can’t resolve individual complaints but can offer advice on how to solve the issue at hand, plus use the information to improve businesses and consumer protection throughout Australia.

You can also contact consumer affairs, otherwise called “fair trading”, for more advice and options. Your best call (and last resort) might be taking legal action.


#3. Contact your lawyer about dodgy electrical work

If the electrician or business who completed the electrical work has failed to fix the problem, you’ve contacted fair trading and/or the ACCC, and you’ve learned more about your rights as a consumer of services in Australia, you might be eligible to take legal action against them.

We recommend contacting an independent lawyer in your local area for legal advice before launching into a full-on court case against the electrician. A lawyer can talk you through the likelihood of success in the courtroom and provide advice about the frustrating situation as a whole.

You can also find out whether you’re entitled to take your complaint to the small claims court or tribunal in your state or territory.


#4. Contact an experienced, licensed electrician to get the work fixed ASAP

Faulty electrical work can be extremely dangerous. The biggest dangers include shock, arc flashes and blasts which can reach up to 19,000°C – hotter than the surface of the sun.

If the original electrician is uncontactable or refuses to fix their mistakes, it’s important to get in touch with a licensed electrician to get the work fixed ASAP. Leaving the electrical work untouched while reaching out to the ACCC or fair trading could be dangerous.

Put in some extra research, read online reviews, ask friends about their past electricians, and quiz local electricians about their certifications before committing to them. Finding out as much information as possible before hiring an electrician could be the difference between getting work fixed and making it worse.

At GKT Group, our electricians are trained and certified to complete electrical work in New South Wales. We have more than a decade of experience with home and business electrical work, including security system installation, air conditioning and fan installation, and retail shop fit-outs.

If you need electrical work fixed from an unpleasant experience with another electrician, get in touch with our team. We can help fix the problem and ensure your family stays safe in the fair trading process.


Contact GKT Group for certified electrical work in Newcastle. Our electricians can fix dodgy electrical work in a flash.


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