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5 contemporary lighting ideas for a modern home

27 March 2019

Starting to think the lounge room looks a bit drab?

How about the dining room? Or the lounge room?

If something feels missing or the house seems dull, it might be time to consider upgrading the lighting. A unique new chandelier or matching set of table lamps can bring new life to a room – and not just with fresh light bulbs! Think bright new colours, unconventional shapes and fresh designs.

Your home will appreciate the upgrade and visitors will love what you’ve done with the place. Consider it a refresh of the decor and your sense of style – check out our top five contemporary lighting ideas, all available throughout Newcastle or purchasable online!


#1. Convey a modern, artistic flare with a hanging pendant chandelier


Let’s face it – traditional crystal chandeliers can be expensive, often ranging from several hundred dollars to thousands. While chandeliers are beautiful, elegant and timeless, there are more affordable options that still convey a modern, artistic flare.

Hanging pendant chandeliers are making major waves in the home decor sphere. Deviating from traditional lighting, pendant chandeliers like this piece from Beacon Newcastle can add a modern, geometric touch to any home.

While they require a little more maintenance and care when changing light bulbs, these chandeliers are worth the effort.


#2. Explore new materials and shapes

round satin chandelier

When imagining a chandelier, most people think of metal, crystals and maybe chains. However, there’s a wide range of materials and makes out there. You don’t have to stick to traditional, popular designs!

This pendant chandelier from Cetnaj Newcastle is made with satin nickel metalwear in the centre and vintage timber panels around the outside. It’s a combination of man-made materials and natural timber – plus, the spherical shape provides a unique distribution of light around the room.

Match a round, timber chandelier with matching table lamps in various colours for funky but contemporary lighting throughout your home.


#3. Add touch lamps in the bedroom for easy access at night

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night and fumbling for the light switch. Luckily, there’s a simple solution we’re not taking nearly enough advantage of.

Touch lamps are the new millennium’s answer to modern bedroom lighting. Rather than feeling around for the switch in the dark, all you have to do is reach out and touch the chrome-plated base of the lamp to turn it on.

Most touch lamps offer three levels of brightness, starting at the lowest. This is perfect for late night snacks – no more burning the retinas with bright lights at two in the morning! Just soft lights which are adjustable to suit your needs.


#4. Introduce mood lighting and unusual shapes to your home

egg shaped mood lamp

Ever wanted to take the ambience of a spa home with you after a deep relaxation massage? You can with mood lighting!

Mood lighting can offer soft, subtle lighting to a room often with a small low voltage bulb or tealight candle. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and even lounge rooms, mood lighting adds a subtle touch of relaxation and a tranquil atmosphere.

Mood lighting also often comes in a range of unusual or unique shapes. Check out the ceramic mood lamps from Endota Spa Newcastle – available on King Street for $120 or a smaller lamp for $60.


#5. Achieve a natural glow and reduce humidity with a Himalayan salt lamp 

Himalayan salt lamp

If there’s one trend taking millennials by storm, it’s salt lamps. Mined from the Salt Range mountains which underlies the Pothohar Plateau south of the Himalayas, these lamps can weigh several kilograms and have a pinkish hue due to impurities in the minerals.

Salt lamps are said to reduce moisture in a room. Turning on a salt lamp for 30 minutes every day prevents moisture build up in a room and is said to reduce humidity.

These lamps can be lit with tealight candles or light bulbs, depending on the size and weight of the lamp. Whichever you choose, salt lamps emit a subtle, relaxing pink glow. Perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms with lots of leafy plants.


Upgrade your lighting and watch your home transform into a contemporary haven 

All interior designers know illumination is a crucial element of all home decor. Well executed lighting designs – whether it’s dimmers, touch lamps, old fashioned chandeliers or modern pendant lights – can reinvent an otherwise dull or humdrum room.

If your home has started to feel a little boring, consider adding a splash of colour or introduce modern shapes with new chandeliers, table lamps and mood lamps! You’ll notice an immediate improvement to rooms with new lights, including a modern, contemporary feel.


Need an electrician to help install your new contemporary lighting? Get in touch with GKT. We’re your chandelier installation specialists in Newcastle.

Image: Unsplash

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