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20 Gorgeous Lighting Designs From The Beautiful Hunter Valley

28 May 2014

The Hunter Valley is a breathtaking beauty. Vineyards, lodges, restaurants, hotels, resorts, farms, all with a stunning aesthetic that makes NSW’s little backyard retreat unique.

We take you on a different type of tour of the Hunter Valley. No buses, no horse and carriage, no bicycles. We’ve pulled together 20 of our favourite lighting designs from Pokolbin and the Hunter to give you some inspiration for your next interior design project.

Whether its commercial lighting, a restaurant refurb or the fit out for your own property, you’ll find some style guidance from the home of beauty in NSW.


Winery Lighting Designs


Wandin Valley Lighting Design

Wandin Valley shows us that industrial lighting design can be beautiful when offset with a natural contrast


First Creek Lighting Design

First Creek Winery is a metallic maze of vats, installation, concrete and cling wrap. Giant pendants complete the space provided by high ceilings to give a grand ballroom effect for a rustic winery dinner.


Hungerford Hill Lighting Design

Hungerford Hill is well know in the Hunter Valley for its innovative architecture and contemporary design. Simple, strong lighting lets the building do the talking.


IronBark Hill Reception Lighting Design

IronBark Hill Vineyard is one of the new kids on a very old block. Well worth the trip to Hermitage Rd, IronBark Hill’s cellar door, wedding chapel and reception venue are nestled magnificently amongst the vineyard. Intense outdoor downlights bring the vineyard and its surrounds to life, while the softer glow of an indoor fireplace and table-side candles are enough to keep inside nice and warm.


The Cellar Door Lighting Designs


Margan Lighting Design

Margan Vineyard is the jewel in the crown of Pokolbin’s nearby sister suburb Broke. Luxury accommodation, high quality wines and a stellar restaurant make Margan a destination in it’s own right. A Tuscan-inspired lighting design is consistent and deliberate throughout the Margan property.


Kieth Tulloch Winery Lighting Design

Keith Tulloch Wines have a colonial homestead facade greeting visitors in front of their cellar door and cafe. A delicate smattering of down lights add a little fairytale sparkle to the vineyard’s old world charm.


Tempus Two Lighting Design

Tempus Two Cellar door is the most commanding entrance in the Hunter. Your attention is demanded by the grassed bowl amphitheatre, and come dusk and nightfall, Tempus lights up the Pokolbin sky.


IronBark Hill Cellar Door Lighting Design

IronBark Hill Cellar Door is a hodgepodge of vintage chic with bric-a-brac of all shapes and sizes. A mix of hanging lights, lamps and natural light bring a little French pizazz to a small, cosy space.


Restaurant Lighting


Cafe Enzo Lighting Design

A lazy Sunday breakfast at Cafe Enzo is a Hunter Valley institution. The brekky and lunch hotspot is a daytime haunt, but a little bit of artificial lighting freshens up every nook and cranny of this wood and sandstone beauty.


Muse Restaurant Lighting Design

Muse Restaurant is one of the finest dining experiences in the Hunter. The hanging ellipse lights are the centrepiece of a restaurant dripping with style.


restaurant Botanica Lighting Design

Restaurant Botanica is a French provincial beacon a style sitting atop the picturesque Hermitage Rd. A woven wood sphere is the focal point of the restaurant’s design, casting a lattice of light across the dining space.


Twine Restaurant Lighting Design

Twine Restaurant is one of the best new players on the NSW restaurant scene. Developed by award winning chef Matt Dillow, Twine sits on the Mount View side of Pokolbin, with a unique perspective peering back over the heart of much of the areas oldest vines. The view from inside is as good as out, accentuated by a little colour splashed out to liven up the crisp white walls and wooden floors.


Event Lighting Designs


The Tempus Barrel room Lighting Design

The Barrel Room sends brides all over the country into fits of uncontrollable glee. The cask-adorned reception masterpiece is the stuff dreams are made of, with a dazzling array of glittering lights adding to the perfection.


Tamburlaine Lighting Design

Tamburlaine is one of Australia’s leading organic wineries. It also happens to house a beautiful wedding reception venue. A collection of downlights and hanging lamps bask the venue in a simmering glow.


Hope Estate Cask Hall

Hope Estate’s Cask Hall houses the biggest parties in the Hunter. With space for over 250 guests, it makes sense that the lighting design is just as extraordinary as the  majestic wine barrel surrounds. Hanging fairy lights and table features are always a sure fire winner for grand event ambience.


Carriage House Lighting Design

The Carriage House at The Vintage Hunter Valley is a quaint sandstone chapel with streaks of medieval, gothic and fairytale style. Stunning vertical lighting shoots up the chapel’s brick walls to brighten the bride’s night of nights.


Petersons House Lighting Design

Peterson House is best known for its sumptuous array of Champagne style wines. The country style venue is also a wedding reception hotspot, with their lake-side deck proving a major draw card in the summer months. This swinging greaser diner set up shows what a few retro neon lights can do to brighten up an otherwise dark room. From industrial bran to rustic 60’s charm.


Some Extra Hunter Valley Lighting Inspiration


Goldfish Bar Lighting Design

Goldfish Bar is the jewel in the crown of the Hunter Valley’s nightlife.  After a delicious meal at one of Pokolbin’s finest restaurants, the trip down to Goldfish is the logical next stop for a fresh tipple to top off the night. The romantic feel from the dimmed downlights is perfect for a late night chat. The bar lighting is a fine example for any hospitality lighting design.


Golden Door Lighting Design

Golden Door Spa Elysia retreat at Cypress Lakes is a breathtaking oasis of tranquillity. A combination of candles and covered globes lend a calm to the spa’s  relaxing mystique. Relax, recharge, unwind by the golden glow of these striking feature lights.


Pokolbin Village Lighting Design


The Hunter Valley is a haven of natural beauty. The vines, the rolling green hills, the breathtaking vantage points, the freshly farmed food… Mother nature can turn it on in these parts. The light show is no different. This image of the Pokolbin village clock bathed in floodlights is breathtaking with a crackle of lightning the star.


Oh and our favourite lighting design inspiration from the glorious Hunter Valley?

The Christmas Lights at Hunter Valley Gardens. Of course!

Say no more…


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