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7 Things Some Electrical Contractors Don’t Want You To Know

3 March 2016

Hiring a professional electrician can sometimes be a daunting task. The average person usually doesn’t have an extensive knowledge of exactly what is involved in most electrical contractors jobs, and how to assess the value they are getting.


To make life a little easier for you, we have put together a list of 7 things some electricians don’t want you to know. Now you can be a little more informed next time you need the services of an electrician


1. A quote is not a rough estimate


A quote should be an accurate assessment of the inputs and labour required to complete a job. An electrician quoting a job should be able to provide a breakdown of the various items that make up the total cost, so don’t be afraid to question how they arrived at the total.


2. You can ask for certification of the work once complete


Once an electrician has finished, always ask them to issue a certificate for any work completed. If they refuse, this is generally a warning sign and you should think carefully about why they don’t want their name attached to the work they have done.


3. Anyone can reset a tripped circuit breaker


If the circuit breaker trips and you lose power, it’s often an easy fix and you can avoid expensive callout fees for an electrician to come to your home to flip a switch. Check out this video for an explanation on how it’s done.


4. Everyone working on the premises needs to be qualified, not just the contractor


You are well within your rights to make sure every person working on your property is qualified and certified . Unqualified workers can mean insurance is void and can put you at risk, so always ask for proof and if they can’t provide it, seek another contractor.


5. Hourly rates can vary depending on what time and day the work is carried out


If you find an hourly rate or callout fee online or advertised in a directory, make sure that price will apply to you when the work is scheduled for you and that it is all clearly agreed upon. It is always best to gain complete transparency on the total cost of all work prior to it beginning.


6. Electricians usually specialise in certain areas


Just because an electrician agrees to carry out the work you need, it isn’t a guarantee that they have a lot of experience in this type of work. Ask for references or testimonials of similar work carried out on other jobs. Specialisation is common, so look for someone that can prove they do the specific type of work all the time.


7. You can usually supply your own parts for cheaper


Ask for a quote on parts when they do an initial assessment and see if you can find the parts online and supply them yourself. Some electrical contractors will have very high markups on common items like LED lights that you can get for much cheaper.


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