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7 amazing examples of downlights

2 September 2016

Downlights add a modern edge to any interior design and can be used to transform otherwise ignored spaces into striking conversation pieces.

Here are seven amazing examples of how you can use downlights to take your interior design to the next level…

Entryway of house with lighting
Image source: Pinterest

1. Entryway lighting:

Create a strong first impression with downlights used in your entryway. Downlights are especially effective to highlight ornate ceiling and wall detailing and gives a modern edge to classic design.

Expose timber beams with lighting

Image source: Pinterest

2. Rafter lighting:

If your living room features exposed timber beams, downlights are an excellent alternative to pendant lighting and will keep the focus on those stunning rafters.

Lighting under kitchen benches

Image source: Pinterest

3. Under-bench lighting:

Bring your kitchen into the 21st-century with under-bench LED lighting that creates futuristic ‘wow factor’ and will be the major talking point at your next house party.

Lighting in hallway of house

Image source: Pinterest

4. Hallway lighting:

Downlights can be configured in a variety of ways. Use them as an art piece to transform a boring hallway into a gallery-worthy installation.

Lighting under staircases

Image source: Pinterest

5. Under-stair lighting:

Downlights can be installed in confined spaces such as under stairs to transform otherwise ignored areas into a major design feature of your home.

Light feature in entertainment area of house

Image source: Pinterest

6. Illuminated bar:

Downlights can transform a standard built-in home bar into an illuminated feature piece that would be right at home in an exclusive night club.

Lighting around artwork on wall

Image source: Pinterest

7. Highlight artwork:

Downlights can draw attention to feature artwork and turn your favourite pieces into striking focal points to add an extra dimension to the interior design of your home.


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