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5 Inspirational Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom Renovation

21 February 2017

In the average lifetime, you spend about one and a half years in the bathroom.

Think about it – a shower once (or twice) a day, your regular grooming tasks (we’re coming for you pesky nose hairs), along with hair and make-up.

All this time adds up.

We spend an enormous slab of time in our bathrooms.

Often our bathroom time requires high-quality lighting. Nobody wants to get that nose hair plucking wrong. And shaving in the dark – that should be a blackout-only activity.

If you’re renovating your bathroom, you’re going to need some designer inspiration to make your new lighting shine. There’s nothing more important than lighting in the bathroom (except maybe a shower. And a mirror.) Lighting’s definitely a close third.

We’ve got five inspirational bathroom lighting ideas to help you decide on a new lighting design any interior stylist would be proud of.


Task lighting vs. Ambient lighting


Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay


The combination of task lighting and ambient lighting is known as layered lighting, but you don’t need an electrical apprenticeship to understand – it’s not as fancy as you’d think.

Your bathroom activities demand bright, accurate and consistent lighting. You don’t want shadows appearing on your face. This kind of lighting is known as task lighting – the type you need when you’re doing your hair, fixing your makeup, shaving your face or grooming in general.

Ambient lighting is the mood lighting, the romance maker, the come-hither stuff. Think soft yellow tones, dimmers and romantic wall sconces. This is the type of lighting that you’ll want when you’re having a good old soak in the tub, or even something a bit more M-rated.

A general rule – don’t just settle for task lighting in your bathroom – introduce some fun with ambient lighting, but if the budget is tight stick to task lighting. You definitely cannot have just ambient lighting- if you can’t see everything properly, you’ll put you and your family at risk.


Jazz up your bathroom lighting with wall sconces

Image Source: Pixabay

Wall sconces can be either ambient or task lighting, depending on the type of sconce you buy.

Try to find a wall sconce with frosted glass – a clear sconce can hurt your eyes if the light is reflected in the bathroom mirror.

Also, make sure you check the wattage of your lightbulb. If you’re looking for ambient lighting, 250-500 Lumens are the best option to buy.

The higher the lumens = the brighter the light.

Check out this helpful government fact sheet guide on light bulbs if you want to learn more about selecting the right bulb to match your space.


Get your task lighting right with LEDs


Image Source: Pixabay

Solve all your lighting woes with some strategically-placed recessed LED’s. These little lighting gems are perfect for task lighting.If you take things another step further and install a dimmer – hello ambient lighting!

You can place LED battens on either side of your mirror for effective task lighting, or use multiple LEDs to cover a bigger space. LEDs are better for the environment and use less power to operate than standard halogen or incandescent light bulbs.

Everyone wins.

We’ve dedicated an entire article to LED lighting, and you can read on for more detail about choosing the best LED down lighting for your room.


Bring art into your bathroom with fancy feature lighting


Image Source: Pixabay

Precursor – feature lighting does not replace task lighting.

You’ll need some task lighting in your new space to complement your feature lighting. After all – you don’t want to miss those pesky nose hairs, right?

If you’ve got a bigger space, and you want to inject some of your interior decorating skills – consider some feature lighting.

Whether it’s a big fancy pendant or a modern light fixture – feature lighting can brighten the room, and add some pizzazz to an otherwise boring space.

Need more inspiration? Interior God has pulled together 30 modern bathroom light ideas you can use to turn your bathroom into a feature of your home.


Modernise the space with strip lighting


Image Source: Pixabay

If you’re dreaming about a sexy, modern bathroom with the perfect blend of minimalist style and functional simplicity – strip lighting is the perfect option.

What is strip lighting?

It’s not as fancy as it sounds. Strip lighting is simply a number of strips of waterproof LED lights. You can even install dimmers for your strip lighting for optimum functionality.

You can install strip lighting around the edge of your mirror to illuminate the space, or even add a collection to the ceiling to brighten up the room.

If you are renovating, you can design recessed ceilings and add a strip of LEDs for a striking design feature. If your vanity mirror doubles as a cabinet, try putting strip lighting underneath to light up the vanity.

There are a million different ways you can use LED strip lighting- the flexibility and energy efficiency mean strip lighting is a fantastic option for any DIY designer.


If you’re looking to install new bathroom lights in Newcastle or the Hunter or start your electrical renovations –contact us for an obligation free quote today.


Image Source: Pixabay

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