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Three easy ways to create a functional and beautiful kitchen lighting plan

7 March 2017

How often are you in the kitchen?

Every day, right?

You spend, on average, 3 hours in your kitchen every day.

That’s over a thousand hours a year.

You’re dealing with hot pans, slippery water and sharp knives.

Just one wrong step and disaster is imminent.

There’s no room for error in the kitchen.

You can’t risk not having decent lighting in this room.

Create a more beautiful and practical space to spend those 1000 hours a year with our three easy tips for functional kitchen lighting.

These three ideas will help you plan your new kitchen – or give you the inspiration you need to improve your current one.


#1. Illuminate your kitchen with LED lighting

Image Source: Pixabay

If there’s one kitchen lighting rule above all else – it’s gotta be functional.

There’s no point spending thousands on a stunning chandelier if it leaves you in the dark when it’s time to cook dinner.

Recessed LED’s are the trending light for kitchen lighting.

They’re energy efficient (95% of their energy is converted to light, and only 5% is wasted as heat. In contrast, traditional fluorescent lights use 95% of their energy as heat, and only 5% is converted to light.)

LED’s have no toxic chemicals.

And they last up to 42 000 hours longer.

Yeah – they’re a winner.


How can you use LEDs in your kitchen?

There are a bunch of clever ways to use LEDs in your kitchen – their applications are endless, and they can turn your kitchen into the jewel of the house.

  • Use LED strip lighting underneath cabinets to draw attention to, and illuminate the area below. LEDs don’t transmit much heat so you can work easily. Pinterest has some inspirational ideas to get you started
  • Recessed LEDs are ideal for easy task lighting. If you’ve got a really high ceiling, double check your LEDs can still be recessed – you may need to have a look at track lights.
  • LEDs are awesome for highlighting architectural elements like cave ceilings or mouldings – you can create a lighting display to wow your friends and fam at your next shindig.

Not sure what LED is best?

We have an entire article dedicated to helping you find the best downlight for your room.

Your kitchen has to have beautiful and functional lighting.

Let LEDs do the hard work for you and your kitchen will be dramatically transformed (for a fraction of the cost of traditional lighting).


#2 Add some panache to your kitchen with beautiful pendant lighting

Image Source: Pixabay

Nothing says ‘wow’ like elegant and elaborate feature lighting.

You can introduce attractive mood lighting (never underestimate the power of mood lighting) by installing a pendant light to your kitchen and impress any Block-Wannabe.

You can also use pendant lights as task lighting – but do so with caution.

Number 1 tip- if you want to use pendant lights for task lighting – install the light over a kitchen island. Forbes has a handy little guide to choosing the right pendant light for your kitchen island, so give it a read before purchasing.

Number 2 tip- look for a pendant with direct light instead of one which allows light to filter through, and make sure the pendant will provide enough light for the space – you don’t want to chop off a finger instead of a carrot.

If your feature lighting will serve no other purpose than being beautiful- don’t settle for the first light you see. There are hundreds of options available, and you want a light to complement your home’s style. Don’t feel overwhelmed – we have a curated list of Newcastle-based shops for you to buy lights.

If inspiration doesn’t strike- don’t stress! Below are a few places to help your feature lighting dream come true.

Have fun picking your feature lighting – buy a light you love and you’ll enjoy it for years to come.


#3 The easiest way to brighten your kitchen

Image Source: Pixabay

Ever started cooking, but the lighting just wasn’t right?

Your body stands over the cooktop.

Your shadow’s in the way.

We’ve all been there.

Many a dish has gone awry because we forgot about this one simple thing.

Your rangehood has lights.

Use them.

Don’t burn your dinner.

Everyone forgets about the humble rangehood. This darling of the kitchen keeps the air clear and condensation vacant.

It’s a simple trick, but priceless (well, it doesn’t cost too much anyways).

If you’re struggling to see how your steak is sizzling, turn on the rangehood lights. Task lighting may not always reach your food, especially if you’re standing in front of it.

If you’re in the market for a new rangehood, the list below will point you in the right direction – just remember to pick one with a light!

Invest in effective and beautiful lighting for your kitchen and say goodbye to over-sizzled steak once and for all.

If you’re looking to install new kitchen lighting in Newcastle or the Hunter, or start your electrical renovations – contact us for an obligation free quote today.


Image Source: Pexels

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