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Is it time to convert to solar power? 3 reasons why you need solar panel installation now

19 December 2017

The future looks bright for solar power.

But you need to do your bit to help the next generation deal with our climate change challenge.

There’s one simple, practical decision you and your family can make to make a genuine contribution.

And there’s a red hot chance you’ll save a stack of cash at the same time.

You’ve probably considered solar panel installation for your home.

We want to convince you why now is the time to commit – both for your bank balance and for the future of our kids.

Why convert to solar power now?

We’re moving towards more renewable and environmentally friendly energy with a worldwide sense of responsibility.

The earth’s surface temperature rose 0.9 degrees Celsius in 2015 and we saw a corresponding rise in global sea levels.

We’re seeing the effects of climate change and, thankfully, people are starting to respond with practical action.

Installing solar panels is just one simple step you can take to help ease the strain on our energy consumption burden.

      • In 2016, 17,500 GWh of renewable energy was generated towards meeting the Renewable Energy Target (RET) which is set at 33,000 GWh in 2020. We’re halfway to achieving our goal
      • Renewable energy is now the cheapest kind of new power generation that can be built today – less than new coal, nuclear and gas-fired power plants
      • Over 42% of all renewable energy in Australia was produced by hydro plants after excellent rainfall in 2016
      • The amount of solar power produced worldwide was amped up by 50% in 2016 thanks to China and America

These are astounding statistics and the world is working hard to bolster these figures even more.

The progress you make now will have a significant impact on improving the living standards of our kids in the future.

One of the most popular forms of renewable energy is solar power. According to the Clean Energy Council, over 135,370 solar power systems were installed throughout Australia in 2016 alone and it looks like numbers are skyrocketing in 2017.

There are endless advantages of having solar panels installed…

            • the aesthetic is sleek and modern
            • the panels generate both power and heat for your home
            • solar power is a low maintenance energy system
            • and best of all, solar panels will reduce your electricity bills!


The future is looking much brighter as solar panels continue to grow in popularity…

But there’s still so many homeowners who are still unsure about whether to convert to solar power.

We want to explain the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels to convince you that now is the time to organise installation of solar panels for your home.

#1. Installing solar panels will slash your electricity costs and maximise your energy efficiency

Future generations are going to save a pretty penny on power thanks to solar panels.

And you could be saving on your electricity bill right now.

Right now, homeowners are moving toward solar power more and more for one primary reason.

The driver is not just a conviction to reduce the impact of fossil fuels.

People are installing solar panels to save money!

Solar costs significantly less than traditional forms of power – particularly over the longer term. The installation period may seem like an inconvenience, but the future benefits are immense in comparison to this short term irritation.

Warwick Johnston, the managing director of solar market analyst Sunwiz, noted prices of solar panels have dropped 10% since 2016 and homeowners can expect to pay around $5000 for a 5 kWh system of about 20 panels.

You can also add batteries to the system which store power for later use (meaning you’ll never have to worry about cold showers when it’s overcast).

Solar power installation might seem like a pricey investment – but the positive results are undeniable and you’ll be saving money within months.

SolarQuotes blogger, Finn Peacock, saw his power bill drop to $33.60 per quarter after having solar panels installed.

Considering Aussies are looking at $1524 per year in 2017 on traditional energy costs, there’s no wonder so many people are switching to solar.

At this rate – if people are willing to make the investment – power will be more affordable and accessible for all Australians in future.

Want to save power and cash right now? You don’t have to make the commitment to convert to solar to start saving immediately. Check out our article on how to save electricity and money to lower your power bill without solar panels.


SolarQuotes low solar power bill

Image source: SolarQuotes


#2 When you install solar energy, you will know exactly where your power comes from

When you think of where power comes from, what do you see?

A blundering, towering power plant huffing coal or gas fumes into the air?

Traditional power travels a long way to light up your home.

Homeowners with solar panels installed can rest easy knowing their power is being generated on home soil.

The panels are installed on the sunniest part of the roof and particles of sunlight knock electrons free from atoms, generating a free flow of natural electricity.

Clean, homegrown, guilt-free power!

The future will be full of self-sufficient, self-powering homeowners (with very small power bills).

This is one simple, practical, cost-effective change you can make to your life to help make a difference to the climate change challenge facing our kids’ and grandkids’ generations.


#3 Colder showers without battery storage

In the early days of solar power energy systems – users needed good weather to feel the benefits.

The water temperature often dropped to lukewarm on overcast days without storage batteries.

Storage batteries collect power and store it for when the clouds start to drift over. Most batteries come with a “booster” which uses the stored power and keeps shower/bath water toasty warm.

This innovation changes the game for the regular homeowner. The biggest barrier to installing solar power has been mitigated by the advancement in technology of solar power battery storage.

If homeowners aren’t willing to invest in storage batteries, future generations could be plagued with some very icy showers and baths. We need more uptake of this technology to continue driving the price of batteries down to make solar energy affordable for future generations all around the world.

The future looks brighter with solar power

We’re making incredible progress with renewable energy and it looks like solar power will be the major source of power for future generations.

There are countless benefits to installing solar panels including lower power bills and knowing where your electricity is being produced. There’s also the bonus of reducing harmful gases and pollution produced from coal burning – who doesn’t want to save the earth?

The advantages of solar panels are felt almost immediately after installation. Just sit back, relax and watch the power bill drop to next to nothing.

Fight for a cleaner, more sustainable future and consider having solar panels installed.

Not quite ready to install solar panels? No worries! We’ve got 6 ways to save electricity and make a green household without having to invest in expensive new technology.


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