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15 Restaurant Lighting Installations To Make Any Electrician Weak At The Knees

31 March 2014

Lighting installation is no longer an afterthought for designers of contemporary dining spaces. Commercial lighting design needs to be integrated with the architectural feel of the site to create a truly unforgettable atmosphere amongst the cluttered landscape of cafes, bars and eateries littering contemporary cities around the world.

These 15 lighting designs will give you the inspiration you need to spark the next light bulb movement for your dining design project.

Atrium Champagne Bar London Restaurant Lighting

Image via Arch Daily

#1 – Atrium Champagne Bar, London

Great contrast of natural light filtered through high ceilings accompanied by hanging glass pendant lights. Winner of Best Bar in the 2013 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

RYU Restaurant New York City Restaurant Lighting

Image via South Shore Decorating Blog

#2 – RYU Restaurant, New York City

Harking back to the glamour days of the Roaring Twenties, these hanging pendant feature lights bring a contemporary sparkle to the prohibition era style of RYU. The central installation shows that lighting can be the focal point of any restaurant design.

The Whale Wins Seattle Restaurant Lighting

Image via Alexandra Evjen

#3 – The Whale Wins, Seattle

The HELLO HELLO Lights at The Whale Wins Restaurant have established a cult status in the Seattle hospitality scene. The iconic lighting installation gives a striking personal touch to a minimalist restaurant design.

Chez Clement Paris Restaurant Lighting

Image via Elis Tutu

#4 – Chez Clement, Paris

This quaint Rive Gauche bistro is a postcard of Belle Époque Gallic flair. The antique copper pots force a grin from even the most demur Parisienne. This feature proves that creativity matches cutting edge design in restaurant lighting installations.

Tin Bar & Restaurant Berlin Restaurant Lighting

Image via DC Design Coop

#5 – Tin Bar & Restaurant, Berlin

Grey is the only colour used in Tin Bar’s entire restaurant design, but the Berliners demonstrate how stimulating concrete, hammered zinc, grey paint, and halogen bulbs can be. The architects, Karhard Architektur installed a system of 82 halogen lights suspended from the ceiling to add a glow of soft warmth.

The Public Hostel Restaurant and Bar Chicago Restaurant Lighting

Image via Vanessa Vaughan

#6 – The Public Hotel Restaurant and Bar, Chicago

The lighting installation in the ‘value luxury’ hotel’s Pump Room Restaurant and Bar by Milan’s Dilmore Studio features 500 individually cast resin globes. The lights are a fusion of different sizes and finishes, giving an edgy glamour to a space filled with understated neutrals

Riverpark Restaurant New York City Restaurant Lighting

Image via K Poarch

#7 – Riverpark Restaurant New York City

The striking space at the East River edge of the NYC is split into three separate dining rooms, with a central bar integrating each area. The dreamy fairy light installation and movable glass wall combine to tie each space together. Natural limestone, oak and bronze features help create a communal feel. These materials offer a sleek, contemporary contrast to the starry lighting installation designed by Bentel & Bentel Architects.

Nobu Perth Restaurant Lighting

Image via Steve Back

#8 – Nobu, Perth

The Crown casino fine dining restaurateurs know how to use lighting design to wow. The Singaporean designer for the Nobu space took inspiration from the traditional Japanese water garden. The grandiose chandelier lighting installation symbolises the soft texture of flowing water. Hundreds of individually blown glass ‘bubbles’ were strung together and installed by hand to create a rippling ceiling of light.

Xing Restaurant Manhattan Restaurant Lighting

Image via Kayce Macormack

#9 – Xing Restaurant, Manhattan

You would expect that a restaurant with the Chinese name for star would have a dazzling lighting desing. Xing delivers, with a jaw-dropping Pan-Asian discotheque lighting installation. The LED lighting panels evenly spread across all surfaces break convention, showing that electrical design need not be a separate consideration to the fundamental architecture of a dining space. The Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan eatery is designed by LTL to accentuate the unique characteristics of each space in the barbell shaped site

Pamila Restaurant Los Angeles Restaurant Lighting

Image via Kirsten Marie

#10 – Pamila Restaurant, Los Angeles

These eclectic antique lighting installations are breathtaking in isolation. Placed together, their enchanting contrast is tied together by a chocolate chrome finish that picks up the earthy Middle Eastern features of the space. The Cage Light Fixtures deliver dramatic lighting on an affordable budget for an unapologetically cool result.

The Foundry Long Island City Restaurant Lighting

Image via The Foundry L.I.C.

#11 – The Foundry, Long Island City

Best known as a breathtaking wedding reception venue, The Foundry uses lighting installations to create timeless and unforgettable whimsy. The exposed brick, trusses, circular windows, and steel guardrails are a nod to the heritage history of the building, and strung halogen globes and tealights are used to soften the space for a festive, youthful charm. Scroll through the breathtaking image gallery by clicking the image above.

Restaurant Rozengrals Riga Restaurant Lighting

Image via Virtual Latvia

#12 – Restaurant Rozengrals, Riga

The atmospheric basement of this restored medieval restaurant lies beneath the main square of the Old Town in Riga, Latvia. The stone walls, beamed ceiling, plank door, and dim candle light evoke the historical festivities that have graced this underground hall since 1293 when the wine cellar acted as the festival parlour for city council. The subdued sprinkling of electrical lighting ensures the space retains the right ambience without intruding on the hall’s heritage feel.

Sake No Hana London Restaurant Lighting

Image via Minimalista

#13 – Sake No Hana, London

No list of restaurant design would be complete without a nod to one of the multicultural dining capitals of the world – London. LASVIT’s Bamboo Forest glass art lighting sculpture needs no further superlatives. The striking splash of fluorescent colour captures the contemporary Japanese feel, offsetting the sharp, angular lines of the restaurant’s design

Graffiti Bar Sofia Restaurant Lighting

Image via The Contemporist

#14 – Graffiti Bar, Sofia

The Graffiti Bar in Sofia, Bulgaria was voted best bar design in the World at the 2013 Restaurant Design Awards. The space was developed by Mode, with a creamy, luxuriant glow from the ceiling’s LED lighting intended to eschew notions of glamour and stardom. The spotlight effect fits well with the bar’s spacious largesse.

Rockpool Bar and Grill Sydney Restaurant Lighting

Image via Rockpool

#15 – Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney

Sydney’s jewel in a cosmopolitan fine dining crown is the awe-inspring Rockpool Bar and Grill. The grand architectural beauty of the colonial city building is accentuated by vast high ceilings and dim but enchanting lighting design. The installations work in harmony with the ambience of the room to produce a fairy tale atmosphere of romantic luxury.

There you have it, 15 of the world’s finest restaurant lighting installations. Some famed for their epic grandeur, others for their quirky creativity. All use lighting design to combine with the atmosphere and heritage of the restaurant’s location in order to develop an intangible ambience that sets them apart.

Now you have your inspiration, weave your lighting design into the heart of your space.

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