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10 DIY chandelier ideas that take electrical engineering to a new level

19 February 2014

Everyone loves chandeliers. Even men secretly do. Have you always dreamed of your very own lighting spectacle to dazzle your friends when they come over to visit? Don’t be intimidated, it’s not that hard – we’ve got 10 super simple DIY chandelier ideas for your design inspiration. You don’t need to be a boutique hotel owner or a royal palace occupant to show off your electrical engineering expertise. Read on, take notes and get cracking with a new weekend project.

Remember to stay safe at all times, and be sure to throw any questions our way if you’re planning on installing your chandelier. Some of these designs are easier to develop than others, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need some extra help. (Be sure to check out our bonus tip #11 – perfect for the electrical engineering greenhorn!)


1. L.E.D DIY Chandelier by Archi Products

Breathtaking use of LED lighting. This chandelier design is best suited to the DIY veterans. You’ll need some fancy metalworking skills and a nice large space at home to showcase your lighting genius.


2. Pendant Light DIY Chandelier by LightCookie

You’ll feel like a regular Thomas Edison with this Pendant Light Chandelier design. Industrial chic is the new black amongst the interior design elite and this DIY needs a minimal effort for maximal style.


3. Tea Cup DIY Chandelier by Estate2

Who knew left over tea cups and a few rusty chains could turn into a breathtaking lighting extravaganza? Add some clear and coloured glass punch cups to a vintage light fixture and rig her up for a little lounge room lighting pizazz. Upcycling glamour at its Alice in Wonderland best.


4. Mason Jar Chandelier by Boots N Gus

Mason Jars are suddenly more hipster than rolled up chinos and almond milk put together. If you’re drinking a margarita, you’re not cool unless it’s in a mason jar, sipped through a red and white paper straw. Of course it was only a matter of time until those crazy youths found a way to shine light through them. If you want effortless contemporary style on a budget, this DIY Hanging Jar Cluster Chandelier will light up your life.


5. Test Tube DIY Chandelier by Pani Jurek

Who knew a little Albert Einstein chic could brighten up your living room with some scientific styling inspiration. Drop to your local laboratory or make friends with you high schooler’s Chemistry teach and snaffle some used test tubes. Plain clear works well, but a sprinkling a colour take this homemade chandelier into the electrical engineering stratosphere (see, we squeezed another big science work in!). You can rig up some lighting or go all natural, using the sun to do the grunt work.


6. Driftwood DIY Chandelier by Blessed Blog

Finally – what you’ve always dreamed of. A Driftwood Chandelier. Seriously though – spectacular way to turn your outdoor entertaining area into a starry summer wonderland. You can find all of the resources you need at your local hardware/the beach. For a super step-by-step how to guide, check out the Slee family’s blogpost – if they can do it, you can!


7. Wine Bottle DIY Chandelier by Gordon Living

This is the perfect DIY lighting project to get your partner involved with. Even the most reluctant renovator will want to help you when it involves the drinking bottles of copious numbers of delicious vino! Just make sure it’s not a single day job. This rustic recycled wine bottle chandelier is the perfect showstopper. You’ll fall in love with the golden light peeking through the labels. Thank us later, maybe over a glass of red.


8. Metal Lace DIY Chandelier by Boots N Gus

Got any lace lamps lying around? Probably not. Better yet, find you’re a bunch of vintage pails, metal buckets or old plantar boxes, crack out the paint and get to work. This upcycled metal mesh lace chandelier is effortless lighting style. Source a rustic pendant light fixture for a simple direct installation, or ask us for help if you’re not sure how to connect your lighting.


9. Industrial Sifter DIY Chandelier by Refinished Life

Did you own a really old flour mill? Hardcore pastry chef? Maybe you just love bread. Either way, you probably have an old industrial sifter lying around right? We’ve finally got an excuse for you to haul it out of storage. For those of you not lucky enough to be in possession of this giant baking apparatus, they are pretty easy to knock up. Splice a vintage lightbulb through the middle and you’ve got a super alternative homemade chandelier.


10. Grape Vine DIY Chandelier by Funky Junk Interiors

Make this gorgeous white twig chandelier yourself in no time. Pull together some grape vines, white spray paint and some thin willow branches, then get to work! Use a thrift store chandelier underneath, or grab a cheap base fixture from your local interior store. See a detailed step-by-step DIY tutorial at the Funky Junk Interiors blog.


11. Cardboard DIY Chandelier by Fab Parlour

So you want a super innovative, original chandelier design that you can create in one weekend on a kindergartener’s budget? Maybe you want an ecofriendly lighting feature, or a crafternoon activity for you and the kids? Of course – a cardboard DIY chandelier! The newest in eco-chic fashion. You don’t even need to hook this one up – it will brighten up the kid’s day even without electricity. Or, if you have a budding electrical engineer, check out this DIY guide to help you finish the job.

So go on, get to work! You just need a couple of hours and a few dollars to create a DIY lighting masterpiece.

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